Designer Souvenirs

Designer Souvenirs guarantees all its users absolute security in the transmission of their data. To do so, all the data that is made available to us travels through secure servers, which use an SSL protocol. This protocol encrypts the data, so that if it were to be intercepted by a third party, this party would not even be able to read it, because s/he would not possess the key that is required to decipher it.

For the protocol to work, users only need to have a browser that can support it installed in their computer. Both Mozilla firefox and Microsoft Explorer, the most commonly used browsers in our country, can support it.

It is easy to find out what servers are secure by paying attention to the display on your browser. If you use Microsoft Explorer, you will be able to see a padlock in the bottom right hand corner. On the other hand, in Mozilla firefox a key will appear in the bottom left hand corner of the browser. You can also find this information out on the navigation bar: the address of the website that you are visiting will start with https, instead of http.

Mozilla firefox provides a further additional way to check the security of the server that is managing your data: the server´s security certificate is included in the Document Info option on the View menu.