Designer Souvenirs

Designer Souvenirs is dedicated to design, fabricate and distribute Tourist Souvenirs, gifts, merchandising and promotional gifts.

We are a multidisciplinary team with significant experience in marketing, design and production. We work moved by creativity and innovation, trying to develop new ideas constantly and day by day.

We provide the following services to other companies: 

1. Distribution of Souvenirs and Gifts.

We are a distributor specialised on "designer and quality Souvenirs", with which we try to give freshness to the traditional Souvenir's market.

We have a large Souvenir and Gift's catalogue which is continuously been reviewed, as tourist's types and tastes are changing all the time. Our Souvenirs follow the new design tendencies to satisfy customer's needs, each time more demanding.

Our designs are all registered. This fact turn our objects into a unique and exclusive ones. Also they are made with very high standars of quality and at the same time, with prices pretty competitive.

We operate throught a commercial wholesale net over the whole territory of Spain so far.

If you are distributor or shop and you are interested in sell our Souvenirs don't hesitate to contact to us for further information.

2. Customized Souvenirs for Tourism Sector.

We offer Consultant Services and Creation of Official Customized Souvenirs to any organisation and company related with Tourism.

We start from an analysis of the actual market of souvenirs and the target. We study the culture, customs and the more important and attractive icons of the local identity avoiding clichés.

From that point, we can create an unique and customized object for a tourist place (city, town, village, monument, market, hotel, etc.) or develop a whole Collection with different objects with an exclusive and original design. 

Or if you rather, we could customized our souvenirs in the catalogue with your corporative identity and logotype or even creating a new and special packaging.

Our products and services are aimed to those tourism companies, public or private as: Institutions to promote Tourism, Museums, Tour Operators, Hotel Chains, Tourist Magazines and Publications, Travel Agencies, Transport Companies, Restoration Companies and Amusement parks, among others.

3. Promotional and Direct Marketing.

We provide services of Promotional Marketing, Merchandising and Direct Marketing aimed to companies and also to Marketing&Event Agencies. 

On the one hand, we advise companies in: make a promotional gift to get customers or in customers loyalty programmes; communicate something through an object; a subscription, etc.

In this case, we study the specific communication needs of our client and we develop an ad-hoc promotional gift able to communicate the message.

We develop all the process from scratch: design, production, packaging, manipulation, quality control and delivery to a data base.

On the other hand, Marketing&Events Agencies can use our Souvenirs from our large catalogue for Direct Marketing Campaings or as a gift in Events.